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We want our customers to have confidence in their own home, and confidence in us. To do this, we’ve created a Consumer Code that’s been specially designed to display a high standard of consumer service and protection that you can expect from us. This relates to marketing; pre-contractual information; quotations; deposits; contracts; guarantees, and after-sales service. You have the right to expect that products and services supplied by us will perform properly, are fit for their purpose, and that they meet the quality standards that you deserve.

From start to finish, we want to guarantee that you and your home will be in safe hands. 

Consumer Promise

We'll provide competitive quotations and always stick to our Consumer Code so you can be confident in our service. 

The Adaptmyhome Consumer Code



1.0 - Scope & Purpose


The Code

2.0 - The Code

2.1 - Following the Code

3.0 - Vulnerable Consumers

3.1 - Trusted Person

General business standards

4.1 - Delivering services to Consumers

4.2 - Record-keeping

4.3 - Public liability insurance

4.4 - Data privacy

4.5 - Finance

4.6 - Health, safety and sustainable use of energy and resources

Pre-sale activities

5.1 - Advertising and sales promotion

5.2 - Behaviour of sales representatives

5.3 - Performance information

5.4 - Proposals, estimates and quotations

5.5 - Permissions, approvals, grants and incentives

5.6 - Pre-contractual information


6.1 - Terms of business

6.2 - Cancellation rights

6.3 - Deposits and further advance payments

6.4 - Timetable and any preparation the Consumer needs to do

Completing the work

7.1 - Responsibility for the work

7.2 - Design, delivery and installation

7.3 - Testing and commissioning

After-sale activities

8.1 - Guarantees

8.2 - Maintenance and service agreements

8.3 - Service and repair

In case of problems

9.1 - Dispute resolution process

9.2 - Independent Arbitration service

1.0  - Scope and purpose

The Adaptmyhome Consumer Code sets out the high standard of consumer service and protection that Adaptmyhome applies to day-to-day activities; in relation to marketing, pre-contractual information, quotations, deposits, contracts, guarantees and after-sales service for their domestic customers (referred to as Consumers in this Code). 

The Adaptmyhome Consumer Code has been designed to help their Consumers have confidence when choosing Adaptmyhome to provide services and products in their home. 

Consumers have the right to expect that services and products supplied by Adaptmyhome will perform properly, be fit for their purpose and meet the quality standards they would reasonably expect, including the standards set out in this Code. If these standards have not been met Consumers can complain using the dispute resolution process set out in section 9.1 below.

The requirements set out in this Code are not intended to interpret, replace or restrict the law. None of the conditions of the Code will affect Consumers' rights under any existing laws.