Curved Stairlifts

South Wales

A stairlift designed for you and your staircase, taking you safely and comfortably around each bend.

Twists & Turns

A curved stairlift is an ideal solution for, a staircase with twists and turns, quarter or half-landings, winder (fan) steps or where there is restricted access in the hallway or on the landing. We can even provide a stairlift for a spiral staircase. View our stairlift staircase layout examples below to see just a few of the possible curved stairlift options.

Curved stairlifts can ensure that your curved stairs are not too much for you to manage in your older age, with the curved rail it can carry you up and down with ease. Many curved stairlifts also have additional features such as a swivel seat, footrest, safety sensors, and much more to ensure comfort and security whilst in operation.

A curved stairlift can be designed to return around both top and bottom newel posts which not only provides greater safety for getting on and off the stairlift but also frees up the staircase if you or others wish to use the stairs. Wherever the stairlift starts or finishes, the small footprint, the slimline foldable chair ensures the stairlift is not an obstacle to be navigated. Often considered the heavy-duty stairlift, stair users will find the curved stairlifts much more beneficial for mobility, and can even be accompanied with a stair rail.

A curved stairlift can usually be fitted on either side of your staircase and is secured in place by fixing the stairlift rail to the tread of the stairs. The self-levelling chair ensures you have a safe and comfortable ride between floors. Adaptmyhome work closely with a number of stairlift manufacturers, so we are able to match the right stairlift to you and your home, you can choose from a range of curved model stairlifts that come with many different functionalities, such as a high powered swivel seat, half landing, modular rail and remote control options.

Curved stairlift prices usually begin from £3995, however, with our helpful stairlift solutions we can help source a reconditioned stairlift or curved lift that might become slightly less expensive. Alternatively, straight stairlifts are also cheaper than your average curved stairlift. Ultimately the price depends on the brand type and functionalities.

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Will the stairlift rail be a trip hazard?

Where the option is available, we'd always recommend returning the stairlift around the bottom newel post. But where that's not possible, and the stairlift rail has to extend beyond the foot of the stairs, it could prevent an adjacent door from opening or closing and is likely to be a trip hazard. When this happens, we will look to install a hinged rail.


A hinged rail is a safety feature where the bottom section of the stairlift rail folds back upon itself, removing the obstruction and any possible hazard. The operation of the folding hinge can be done manually, but we'd always recommend the automatic option. 

Are curved stairlifts expensive?

A curved stairlift is a lot more involved than a straight stairlift and, for obvious reasons, is therefore more expensive. If you're looking to keep the cost down, there are other options you may want to consider: a straight stairlift and walk the last few steps, or where there is a bend, two straight stairlifts - this option would help reduce the overall cost but would mean getting off an on a lift during the journey.

If you have a sophisticated curved staircase to navigate, you may want to consider alternatives such as a downstairs bathroom or a home lift. For more information on home lifts, please visit our home lift page
Our assessor will be happy to discuss your options with you during your free no-obligation survey.  

Stair Lift Cardiff Curved

Staircase layouts

A selection of curved stairlift staircase layout options. Don't worry if your staircase isn't listed, we are able to design a curved stairlift to suit your individual staircase layout.