Step Lifts Wales

If access to your home is obstructed by several steps, Adaptmyhome can offer a range of comprehensive practical step lift solutions, especially when an access ramp is not feasible.


We can offer an easily installed step lift that can travel up to 1 metre!


Practical, cost-effective and easy to use, Adaptmyhome Steplifts provide both wheelchair and pedestrian access - inside and out.

How will visitors or the postman get to my front door if I have a step lift?


We always have to provide ambulant access to and from the property when we install a step lift. This can be achieved by either creating a new set of steps adjacent to the step lift or when space is tight, we can include bridging steps as part of the step lift specification.

Woman pointing remote at home lift
Home lift in living room
Home lift with open door in hallway
White home lift in hallway
White home lift in kitchen suite
Home lift in upstairs hallway
Black home lift on upstairs landing
Home lift in kitchen
Home lift subtly installed in house
Home lift in modern living room
Home lift in downstairs hallway