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Are you looking to future proof your home?

Are the stairs becoming too much?

A stylish Home Lift allows you to maintain the freedom of your home while keeping your staircase clear. A Home Lift will provide you with safe and secure access to your upstairs, so you can continue to move freely and safely about your home.


Home Lifts are fast becoming popular; architects are increasingly choosing to incorporate them into their designs, and many homeowners are giving serious consideration to a Home Lift when building a new property or adding an extension to an existing home. A Home Lift, as well as looking impressive, provides practical day to day use and future proofs your home for a time when climbing the stairs may become a challenge.


A Home Lift could be a preferable alternative to moving from your family home. Why go through the stress and upheaval of moving from your house when a Home Lift can enable you to stay in a familiar place where you have built a lifetime of memories, in an area that you know.

You may be considering a Home Lift as an alternative to a stairlift. While serving a useful function, a stairlift isn't for every staircase, person or lifestyle. Considering a curved stairlift can cost in the region of between £4000 and £7000; therefore, it's not unreasonable to start looking at a  Home Lift which starts around £9000 (lift only, no building work). A stairlift will always be a bolt-on product whereas a Home Lift integrates seamlessly into your home becoming a permanent premium fixture.

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Adaptmyhome work with several Home Lift manufacturers which helps us match the right Home Lift to you, your budget and your home. We can also manage the Home Lift project from initial survey through to the final handover, so you don't have to try and coordinate different trades or companies. 

Adaptmyhome can supply and install a Home Lift designed for one, two or three people; standing, sitting or in a wheelchair. Most Home Lifts move between two floors - usually the ground and first floor - but we can supply a Home Lift to move between several levels if required.

Home Lifts require much less space than you would think, with most homes able to incorporate a Home Lift. Your home layout will dictate the options, and our surveyor will help with possible locations and, with a little bit of imagination, you'd be surprised how well your home could accommodate a prestigious Home Lift. 



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