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If you're looking to give your home a boost, Adaptmyhome can provide a bespoke renovation, perfectly tailored to your needs. We'll offer expert advice for new and existing homes, or for making a home comfortable for family members. 

Are you planning a conversion, extension or modernisation?

You may not need an adaptation now, but now is the time to plan ahead. With a little thought to your planned work, adaptations, such as bathroom aids or a Home Lift, can be installed when you need them, with minimal fuss and alteration to you home. Adaptmyhome can make sure to get it right the first time, for you and your family's peace of mind, and
if in the future if you come to need additional adaptations, we'll be there to help.
"The average weekly cost of a care home is now £650 – up 35% in the past decade alone. And you can double that if you’re looking at a ‘premium’ or luxury facility."  - Which? Magazine, April 2020

We may not like the idea of ‘getting old’, but ageing isn't a disability.

That's why Adaptmyhome tries to avoid referring to terms such as 'disability' and 'disabled aids'. Getting older is just another stage in our lives. Just as we would adapt our homes for young children by installing stair gates and kitchen cabinet door locks, we should look to adapt our homes for the later stages of life. 

Care home costs are on the rise!

A recent Which? magazine article stated that it can cost an average of £33,800 per person a year on a middle of the road care home -  double if you're looking for a bit more luxury. So, it makes economic sense to stay in your home for as long as possible. Adaptmyhome can help you with that; by making your home a place more comfortable to live, you can enjoy greater independence for longer.

We want you to feel confident in your home for as long as possible, so when the time comes to renovate, we'll work with you to provide a solution for all your concerns without compromising your safety or style.

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