Minimal Disruption

At Adaptmyhome, we understand that your house is a home, not a building site. That’s why we take extra care when we carry out work for you.


Where we can, we will protect your carpets with plastic film or plastic sheeting. We tend not to use dust sheets on floors and stairs as they can be a trip hazard. We tape up doors to reduce dust travelling from one room to the next, and we always carry a hoover with us for our daily clean up!

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Before any major work begins, we can assist with the removal of everything from the room or area. If we can, we'll help to remove furniture, clothing, decorations and any other household goods, leaving the work area as bare as possible. This will help to prevent your items from becoming dirty or dusty and avoid the possibility of accidental damage. 
Where it’s not practicable to move more substantial pieces of furniture, we’ll cover up as best as possible to help prevent dust and debris from getting into the cracks and the crevices while preventing the finish on the furniture from getting dull. We can even arrange temporary storage for longer-term projects.
When we have finished your project, we can arrange for a reputable local cleaning company to carry out a deep clean of the work area or your whole property.


For longer-term projects or when we are converting a bathroom, we can arrange to have a portable toilet placed on-site for our staff. Or, in the case of there being only one toilet at the property – we can provide a temporary toilet solution exclusively for your use. 


You don't have to worry about emptying a chemical toilet, our specially trained

contractors will take care of that for you!


From start to finish, we want to guarantee that you and your home will be in safe hands.

Stay proud of your home with Adaptmyhome.