Outdoor Stairlifts

Are the front door or garden steps becoming a challenge?


An outdoor stairlift may be the solution to help you regain the freedom of your outdoor space.

Outdoor Stairlifts

You shouldn't have to worry about using the steps around your home, and whether it's accessing the front door or accessing the garden, we can help. We can explore a range of options such as ramps, handrails and step lifts, and if these aren't suitable, and even the increasingly popular outdoor stairlifts.

​An outdoor stairlift is much the same as an indoor stairlift, only made from more robust, durable materials to stand up to our great British outdoor weather conditions.

The outdoor stairlift can traverse five or six garden steps or a full outdoor staircase to a first floor flat; whatever your circumstances, we can help find a solution for you. ​ Outdoor stairlifts are mostly straight, but if required, we can supply and install an outdoor curved stairlift. As with our indoor stairlift, the outdoor stairlift can be folded away to allow full use of the steps or stairs. Don't worry about being at one end of the steps and the stairlift at the other, all our stairlifts come with controls to call the lift to you. ​ Just as with indoor stairlifts, the outdoor stairlift rails fix to the tread of the step, not the wall. So for safety reasons, we can only install an outdoor stairlift to solid concrete and sturdy wooden or metal steps. If your steps aren't suitable, we can repair or replace them, or look at alternative products.

An outdoor stair lift can be fitted onto narrow stairs, straight stairs, or even curved stairs. We can ensure to provide you with comfort whether you choose a reconditioned stairlift, or a new stairlift model, at Adaptmyhome we can help provide outdoor stairlifts that will come with weather resistant outdoor cover, padded seat covers, footrest & rails and any other mobility equipment you may need.

Don't worry about the electrics, we are qualified NICEIC approved electricians so we can supply and install electrical points wherever they are needed.

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How often does a stairlift require servicing?

It is essential that stairlifts are serviced in line with manufacturer guidance, which is typically every 12 months. This not only ensures product reliability but also maintains the product warranty. Please note that regular servicing will be a condition of the manufacturer product warranty, which may become void if you are not able to provide a service record.

An outdoor stairlift comes with a standard 12-month manufacturer warranty, and depending on the stairlift manufacturer, the product warranty can be extended up to five years. 

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