Stairlift Rental South Wales

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There are many reasons why you may wish to rent a stairlift rather than purchase one outright. Whatever your reasons, we can help.

Based in Cardiff, serving the South Wales area, we can offer same-day rental for a straight stairlift installation - as we always carry a stairlift on our vans.

Rent a Stairlift from us from only £10 per week! 

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Stairlifts ensure you can still enjoy an independent life in your own home without having to compromise your safety.

Stairlift Rental
Stairlift rental falls into two categories - short term stairlift rental and long term stairlift rental.

Short term stairlift rental - is convenient for when either you or a family member need to recuperate after an illness or surgery. Do you have an elderly relative staying over the holidays? Then why not hire a stairlift for a few weeks so they have easy access to all areas of your home - there is no minimum rental term so you can hire a stairlift for as little as one week if required.

Long term stairlift rental - can be helpful where you need to have a stairlift installed but would rather not pay the upfront and ongoing costs associated with a brand new stairlift - stairlift rental includes breakdown and maintenance costs.  Before you decide to rent a stairlift for the long term, we would recommend comparing the costs against a new stairlift as it may be cost-effective to buy a stairlift rather than rent long term. We have information and prices on a new stairlift here.

Option to buy

 We'll give you the option to buy the stairlift at any time during the rental period. So if you do find yourself renting a stairlift for longer than you planned, we'll give you the option to purchase the stairlift at a reduced rate - we'll price the stairlift at a fair rate relative to the rental period.

Our rental stairlift
Our rental stairlifts are a quality product made to the highest standards - durable and reliable. In the unlikely event of a failure, we will respond promptly and fix the fault or replace the stairlift. The image opposite shows the Access BDD HomeGlide stairlift that we use for rental. We can supply the rental stairlift with an automatic hinge rail if required.  

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If your stairs have become difficult to climb, don't put it off

How much does stairlift rental cost?
Stairlift rental is split into two costs: the initial payment, and the ongoing rental costs.


The initial payment covers installation, removal and administration costs. Ongoing rental costs (monthly) cover rental, service, maintenance and replacement parts.

Our basic straight HomeGlide stairlift has a very competitive £370.00 initial payment and is then only £10 per week to hire.  

How much notice do I need to cancel the rental agreement?
We only require one week's notice to end the rental agreement.