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Are you living in Swansea and not sure whether you need a stairlift? We are a local Welsh company that offer free in-house surveys, so we can help you make the best decision for you and your home.

Whether you need a consultation for your home in the Gower Peninsula or stairlift installation in the up and coming Swansea Bay. Our team of friendly local engineers are on hand so you can arrange a free survey at your convenience.

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Stairlifts Swansea 

We pride ourselves on being a company that provides the best solutions for the liveability and comfort for your home. We know that a home should be comfortable but not restricting, so our aim is to provide home solutions that give you independence.

We know that each home and property is different so we have a range of certified stairlifts that can be tailored and installed to your needs and home. If you need a stairlift for your garden steps in your classic Uplands home or a straight stairlift for your property in Swansea Marina, our team can get the job done for you.

Stairlift Installation Swansea


We know that adapting your home is a big decision, so we like to make the process as easy as possible for you.


We also offer a stairlift rental service in Swansea - Click here for more details. So if you need a stairlift while you recover from an injury, we've got you covered.


Home installations can be a long and stressful process, but our team of friendly and professional engineers are on hand and will install your stairlift with minimal disruption to your day to day life. You may need a stairlift rental for a friend that is visiting from Morriston or a stairlift installation for your home in Sketty, no matter where you are in the city and council of Swansea, we operate a professional service that works around your availability.

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Adaptmyhome are authorised dealers of ACCESS stairlifts, in Wales. ACCESS are a division of thyssenkrupp Access Limited – A global company offering quality stairlift products with a reputation for outstanding customer service and support.


The security and stability of working with such a global partner, gives us the peace of mind that we are supplying our customers with a reliable premium stairlift that will provide many years of trouble-free service.

If your stairs have become difficult to climb, don't put it off

Why Choose a Stairlift for Your Home?


Stairlifts can seem like a big investment and it can be hard to know if you are making the best decision for you and your home. We stay away from tricky sales tactics and only hold a short selection of only the top of the range stairlifts so you know that you are making the best investment for your home.


Our range of stairlifts include:


Our focus is on practicality, independence and safety, and we will tailor your stairlift to your needs and your home. We aim to provide home solutions not to generate sales. If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to contact us. We are on hand and happy to help.


Free stairlift 'no obligation' consultation

A Stairlift Solution For Your Home

Every home and property is different so we know that stairlifts are not a one size fits all product. During our in-house consultations, we assess what stairlifts would be best for your home and your personal needs so you can live independently without compromising your safety or home aesthetic. We are always happy to answer any questions you may have to make this process as easy as possible for you. We stand by home solutions, not quick fixes.

How much will a stairlift cost?


We work with the UK leading manufacturers to make sure our prices are competitive; we also go the extra mile with our service so you get the value you are looking for. However, the overall price comes down to the type of staircase you have, the needs of those using it and the features you want with it. 


When you combine all these factors together, you can be looking at anything from £1150 for a basic straight stairlift up to £4500 for a complicated curved stairlift. However, if you're looking for a choice of colours and full stairlift automation, you will probably be looking at paying around £1500 for a HomeGlide Extra Auto for your average home and basic needs.


The biggest pricing difference depends on your type of staircase; if you have a spiral or curved staircase you will need a specialist and bespoke rail. If this is the case then a Home Lift might work out as a better option which is something we can also advise on. Find out more about Home Lifts here.


Peace of Mind - Quality Assurance and Warranty


All our work is carried out to the highest standards and our engineers are trained and experienced. Customer satisfaction is everything to us, and we hope that you will see as more than just a stairlift provider as we offer a range of other services to those in need of adapting their home according to their changing circumstances, particularly with accessibility and mobility. As such, we take pride in our work and offer continuing advice, servicing and maintenance - if they are required - on top of the optional lifetime warranty for the stairlift itself.


Our local knowledge can also come in handy when considering grants and local government or voluntary sector bodies that may be able to offer further assistance. Find out more about grants here.

A stairlift for every staircase - made to measure

Adaptmyhome work closely with several stairlift manufacturers so we can provide the best stairlift solution for you. We can supply and install left or right-handed stairlifts for all types of staircase layouts. So if your stairs are straight, have a single or double turn, quarter or half landing, or even if you have a single or double winder staircase, we can supply and install a safe, stylish stairlift.

The quote we give you

Which? the consumer rights group, recently reported that many stairlift companies 'employ inappropriate selling techniques', such as offering a high initial price followed by the offer of a discount. You won't get that type of pressure selling practice from us. For your peace of mind, we developed our very own Consumer Code, based on the Consumer Rights Act 2015, so you can be confident that you're not being misled or missold. More information on our Consumer Code can be found here.


After our free home consultation, we will provide you with a competitive quote the first time, with no hidden costs. We’ll also advise you of any ongoing charges such as service and maintenance. So a quote from us will be our best price first time, with no hidden fees or surprises and even some advice on grants given.


If you are considering a stairlift, you’ll likely be eligible for reduced (5%) or zero VAT rates. We can discuss this with you when we visit. We also have some helpful information about VAT rates here.

Frequently asked Stairlift questions