Straight Stairlifts

South Wales

A straight stairlift is the simplest and most cost-effective stairlift option available.


Straight stairlifts can be fitted in a matter of hours, and in some circumstances, we can arrange a next-day installation.

Stairlifts ensure you can still enjoy an independent life.

If you are beginning to find it a chore climbing the stairs, then maybe it's time to consider a stairlift. At Adaptmyhome we have a number of stair lift options to consider, from a curved stairlift, straight stairlift, swivel seat stair lift and much more.

The straight stairlift is the least costly of all the home lift options and, if you have a straight staircase and are beginning to see mobility as an issue, having a new stairlift fitted on your stair rail can benefit massively, alternatively we offer reconditioned straight stairlifts as a cheaper alternative.

Adaptmyhome work closely with a number of stairlift manufacturers, ensuring we are able to match the right stairlift to your needs, whilst also including the correct safety features, and provide maximum comfort.

Stairlift designs vary slightly between manufacturer, but they all do the same job and all work on the same principle: a chair, perch seat or standing platform which travels on a stairlift rail fixed to the treads of the staircase, not the wall. Depending on the type & brand stairlifts can be used by remote controls.

A stairlift needs to be connected to a power supply to charge the rechargeable battery. Don't worry if you don't have a power point nearby our helpful stairlift engineers can help provide electrical help.

Safety has been at the forefront of every stairlift we supply. Each stairlift comes with a simple to use and discreet inertia safety seat belt. We ensure a safety check on each one of our stairlifts, they also come equipped with safety sensors, we also ensure that our second hand stairlift & reconditioned model are up to standard with safety features.

Never compromise on safety

Safety has been at the forefront of every stairlift we supply. Each stairlift comes with a simple to use and discreet inertia safety seat belt.

What if there's an obstacle on the staircase?

A range of inbuilt safety pressure sensors pauses the stairlift if an obstacle on the staircase is identified.

What if there’s a power cut?

In the event of a power cut, the onboard battery will enable you to continue your journey safely up or down the stairs.

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Stairlift hinged rail 

In some staircase layouts, where the stairlift rail extends beyond the foot of the stairs, it could prevent an adjacent door from opening or closing and is likely to be a trip hazard. When this happens, we will look to install a hinged rail -  a safety feature where the bottom section of the stairlift rail folds back upon itself, removing the obstruction and any possible hazard. The operation of the folding hinge can be done manually, but we’d always recommend the automatic option. 


Our stairlift assessor will discuss your stairlift options with you during your free no-obligation stairlift survey.