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Adaptmyhome are Cardiff-based adaptation specialists who are dedicated to creating safe and stylish homes for people to enjoy for years to come.

Our range of products are perfectly designed to give your house a functional flair and to provide you with confidence and independence.

From consultation to installation, we will work with you to design a home that’s comfortable, practical and perfect for you.

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Affectionate caretaker posing with elderly patient

When it came to making a decision about which company to use for my bathroom upgrade I chose adaptmyhome without hesitation.

Lee did a great job of installing my stairlift and efficiently overcame all the obstacles thrown at him. He even cleaned up after himself with anti-bac cloths. I would not hesitate to reccomend him.

Types of stairlifts we offer...

Straight Stairlifts

Our Straight Stairlifts are provided by some of the UKs highest leading manufacturers, they can be perfectly installed on any straight staircase designs by our professional team, we also guarantee that all safety features are included upon installation and that the stairlift cost is an affordable price in comparison with most stair lift companies.

 We offer many different types of stair lifts to ensure that whether you have a narrow staircase, or a low ceiling we can install your stairlift perfectly, whilst also providing peace in mind that in the event of power outage the battery backup will continue to allow your stairlift to work within your home.

Outdoor Stairlifts

An outdoor stairlift can be installed in any garden where stairs and steps exist. Outdoor staircases are well known for offering little to help with mobility issues, at Adaptmyhome we can help by providing an outdoor model for stairlift solutions, making your garden wheelchair accessible at an affordable price. Our outdoor models can be installed using battery backup and secured with a key lock facility meaning no damage can come to your latest home adaption. We can also provide a wide range of well known stairlift brands should you have a particular stairlift brand in mind, you won’t need to choose an expensive model to have the best disability and mobility aids. 

Curved Stairlift Options

We understand that there are many different type of staircase options in our South Wales and Cardiff homes, and in most cases straight lifts won’t benefit your home. With Adaptmyhome we are able to provide custom curved stairlifts, with adjustable seat height options, power folding footrest accessories  and a battery power operated types of stairlift.

Our curved models are also available with a warranty to ensure peace of mind knowing that your mobility issues will be assisted by professionals. We can also help with installation of custom rail extensions, seat colours and retractable reel seat belt choices. 

Curved Stairlift

If you're looking for Stairlifts in the South Wales area, from Cardiff to Caerphilly, Newport, Pontypridd and all surrounding villages we at Adaptmyhome are proud to offer a large wide range of Stair lifts, with both outdoor & indoor variants, not to mention our alternative designs of straight stair lifts, curved stair lifts and outdoor stair lifts providing excellent stairlift models from well known stairlift manufacturers offer a smooth ride at an affordable price.

The main difference between a bathroom and a wet room is drainage and threshold, in basic terms a traditional bathroom will have your bathroom facilities separated form one and other, the shower will be enclosed, however a wet room will have drainage installed to the floor therefore the entire room is essentially a shower, with typically only one threshold or glass wall.

Having a wet room doesn’t necessarily mean that everything within your bathroom will be automatically wet, however, it does mean that there’s a possibility of it getting wet, typically the glass wall between your shower and other facilities will stop most of the water splashback, however it will not hold as much as a normal shower enclosure.

Home elevators can typically cost between £3,000-£45,000 dependning on the style, type, brand and placement, typically outdoor lifts can be considered the cheaper alternative, whilst hydraulic lifts are often the most expensive.

Stairlifts are 10X cheaper than home lifts, and can typically range from £1,000 – £10,00 depending on the brand, type and style. On average you would expect to pay roughly £2,800 for a stairlift and can recieve grant funding from local governments and grants.