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Stairlifts ensure you can still enjoy an independent life in your own home without having to compromise your safety.

Our South Wales service can help you get straight, curved or even outdoor stairlifts right where you need them. We cover an area from Prince Charles Bridge to the Gower Peninsula and as far North as the Brecon Beacons.

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Straight Stairlift

Our straight stairlifts are designed to allow you full control to live at ease in your home. With their remote controlled operation, height adjustable seat & fully customizable appearance. Not to mention our fully experienced Cardiff & South Wales local stairlift installers will ensure you are completely set up & ready!

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Curved Stairlift

If you're worried that your staircase wont support a home stairlift, we provide curved stairlifts that can be custom fitted to your home. 

Our curved stairlifts offer all the same functionalities as the straight stairlifts and can be tailored to your needs. 

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Outdoor Stairlift

Are you finding enjoying the garden difficult? If so not to worry! our stairlifts can also be installed outside. They come completely waterproof & water resistant, and are able to be built in to your garden staircase by our stairlift experts.  

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Stairlift Rental

You don't need to worry about payment here at Adaptmyhome. We offer helpful rental services which can guarantee you leave with a staircase perfectly fitting your needs & budget. We also offer advice on obtaining grants and loans, just speak to a member of the team today! 

Stairlifts ensure you can still enjoy an independent life in your own home without having to compromise your safety. Our stairlifts can be fitted to straight or curved staircases and even to outdoor steps. We offer several different designs to suit your home's unique style and your personal needs.

Our South Wales stairlift range includes the best products and prices on the UK market and we also have a lot of experience with Welsh houses. We're so confident in our pricing that we’d be surprised if any of our competitors could beat our fixed price quote.


We pride ourselves on providing a friendly, convenient service and will arrange our free stairlift consultation around your availability; that’s anytime during the day, early evening or even on the weekend. We are based in Cardiff close to the M4 and A470 so we are only an hour or two away at most.


There’s no need to worry about the hard sales pitch either, that's just not us. We’re only visiting to measure up and provide you with a competitive fixed price quotation, and it shouldn't take more than 60 minutes.


When we visit, we’ll take the time to listen to your requirements and thoroughly assess your home before making a considered recommendation.

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Adaptmyhome are authorised dealers of ACCESS stairlifts, in Wales. ACCESS are a division of thyssenkrupp Access Limited – A global company offering quality stairlift products with a reputation for outstanding customer service and support.


The security and stability of working with such a global partner, gives us the peace of mind that we are supplying our customers with a reliable premium stairlift that will provide many years of trouble-free service.

If your stairs have become difficult to climb, don't put it off

Many people find climbing the stairs a challenge; for some, it could be the first descent of the day and for others, it could simply be trying to manage the stairs whilst carrying laundry. 

There are also lots of other reasons to have a stairlift fitted, such as a recovery from an operation, arthritis, diminished strength or vertigo. No two people are alike, and no home is either whether that's a townhouse in Roath or a terrace in Pontypridd.

Stairlifts give you, and everyone that lives or visits you, the option of safety and independence. For some a stairlift could be life-changing, for others it's a convenience. Whatever the reason, we will make both the purchase and installation process as quick and easy as possible for everyone.


So don't keep soldiering on, give us a call and tell us about your situation.


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Free stairlift 'no obligation' consultation

Our friendly consultation is not just about showcasing the different stairlift models you can choose from, but more importantly, our assessor ensuring the stairlift you choose meets your needs and specifications.


The consultation is free of charge, and we will be as swift as possible. We will need to take measurements of the staircase width, as well as the size of the riser, tread and handrail - plus the overall length of the staircase and headroom at various points.


We will also need to assess the top and bottom of the staircase to make sure you are able to get on and off the stairlift safely.

A stairlift for every staircase - made to measure

Adaptmyhome work closely with several stairlift manufacturers so we can provide the best stairlift solution for you. We can supply and install left or right-handed stairlifts for all types of staircase layouts. So if your stairs are straight, have a single or double turn, quarter or half landing, or even if you have a single or double winder staircase, we can supply and install a safe, stylish stairlift.

The quote we give you

Which? the consumer rights group, recently reported that many stairlift companies 'employ inappropriate selling techniques', such as offering a high initial price followed by the offer of a discount. You won't get that type of pressure selling practice from us. For your peace of mind, we developed our very own Consumer Code, based on the Consumer Rights Act 2015, so you can be confident that you're not being misled or missold. More information on our Consumer Code can be found here.


After our free home consultation, we will provide you with a competitive quote the first time, with no hidden costs. We’ll also advise you of any ongoing charges such as service and maintenance. So a quote from us will be our best price first time, with no hidden fees or surprises and even some advice on grants given.


If you are considering a stairlift, you’ll likely be eligible for reduced (5%) or zero VAT rates. We can discuss this with you when we visit. We also have some helpful information about VAT rates here.


How much do Adaptmyhome stairlifts cost?

No house, staircase or personal circumstances are ever the same. We tailor our quotes to suit your needs. You’ll find it hard to beat our prices:

  • To supply & install our straight stairlift; prices start from £1150.00

  • To supply & install our heavy-duty stairlift; prices start from £1450.00

  • To supply & install our outdoor stairlift; prices start from £1995.00

  • To supply & install our curved stairlift; prices start from £3995.00

Pricing depends on several factors, such as the style and layout of your staircase, the optional extras you may choose and if you or a family member are eligible for the zero VAT rate. However, if there were an average price, it would probably be around £1500 for a straight stairlift, with the more complicated curved stairlift averaging around £4500.

How much is the installation?

Installation charges are factored into our fixed stairlift quotation, so no hidden costs!

How long does it take to install a stairlift?

A straight stairlift can be installed in a few hours; a curved stairlift will take a little longer. You also have to factor in any additional work that may be required, such as an electrical supply. On completion, we like to go through a thorough handover process to make sure you're happy with our work and that you are safe, comfortable and confident with your new stairlift.

So considering the above, we’d say it would be best to allow one day for your stairlift installation.

Will my health diminish if I get a stairlift?

This is a great question, and a lot of people don't want to cut out using the stairs entirely for health purposes but struggle to cope with walking up and down the stairs all day every day.

Our stairlifts are foldable which allow you and others to pass, so you can choose to use the stairs or the stairlift.

And don’t worry about being at one end of your staircase with the stairlift at the other. All our stairlifts come with controls so you can call the stairlift to you.

Do you supply reconditioned stairlifts?

From time to time we do have reconditioned stairlifts available.
Please contact us to see if we have any in stock.

Will you buy back a stairlift?

We would consider buying back a stairlift installed by us. Contact us for more information.

Where we are not looking to buy back your stairlift, we will uninstall it for free so you can sell it on. Or, we’ll dispose of the stairlift and associated equipment so it can be recycled in an environmentally friendly way.

What are the extra charges?

That’s a fair question. We’ll always honour our ‘start from price’ if you meet the following criteria: you order our standard lift, there is no additional work required, you live in an area in which we work, and you or a family member are eligible for the zero VAT rate.

Typical stairlift extras include:

  • Electrical work

  • Stairlift rail and rail joints over 4.5m

  • Alteration of seat posts

  • Powered or manual hinge rail

  • A standing or sitting frame

  • Powered swivel chair

  • Powered footrest

  • Guard or grab rails

  • Stair infills or alterations

Is a stairlift right for me?

A stairlift can be the ideal solution for some, but not all. Before investing in a stairlift, you should consider the following:

  • Think about your physical condition; would you be able to get on and off the stairlift and travel on it safely?

  • Would a perching or standing stairlift be better for you than a seated stairlift?

  • Consider your physicality; would your height, weight, or leg length make riding on a stairlift uncomfortable or unsafe.

  • Would you be able to operate a stairlift? Would a joystick be better than a button?

  • What type of stairlift would best suit your budget? For staircases that aren’t straight, would it be better to opt for a straight stairlift and walk the last few steps, or to opt for two straight stairlifts rather than choosing the more expensive bespoke curved stairlift option?

Don’t worry about obstacles such as handrails or radiators being in the way; we have qualified staff on board that can remove or relocate these for you.

During your ‘no obligation’ stairlift survey, our stairlift assessor will go through all this with you to help you make the right choice.

What are the alternatives to a stairlift?

We understand that a stairlift isn’t for everyone or every home. You may not like the aesthetics of a stairlift, or your staircase may not be able to accommodate a stairlift.

If you wish to stay in your family home, you could consider a Home Lift; or bring the upstairs downstairs and think about installing a downstairs bathroom or wet room. Either way, we can help discuss all the options available to you.

  • If you would like more information about our bathrooms and wet room solutions, then please click here.

  • If you would like more information about our Home Lifts, then please click here.

What if there's an obstacle on the staircase?

A range of inbuilt safety pressure sensors pauses the stairlift if an obstacle on the staircase is identified.

What if there’s a power cut?

In the event of a power cut, the onboard battery will enable you to continue your journey safely up or down the stairs.

Do you rent stairlifts?

Yes, we do. And for only £10 per week! Please visit our stairlift rental page for more information.

Frequently asked Stairlift questions


Stairlift installation tailored to you

At the installation stage, we will ensure your South Wales home experiences minimal disruption and we will leave your home in the condition it was in when we started.

We also offer local annual servicing for additional peace of mind. If there are changes to your circumstances, then give us a call to find out if we can help you further.